Friday, November 20, 2015


Yeah...I know.  I am doing the customs no one on the planet ever did before.

Where did the idea come from?

Well back in 1998 the title was put up as vacant due to the fact that Undertaker AND Kane both pinned Steve Austin for the belt at Judgment Day.  The title would rightly find it's new home at the next PPV Survivor Series where the Rock did an AWESOME heel turn to win it in the finals vs. Mankind.

BUT before Survivor Series McMahon trotted out the title on RAW in this glass case.

I thought if I ever played a tournament...I would like to have this too.  So Ray went to work.
 It looks totally awesome.  Ray did a great job.  It is JUST a little too big though.
 Well at least in comparison to the suited Jakks figures that is.
 It was such a short but memorable moment in WWF history.
Ray even did the red carpet flooring.
 Whats this?  Austin is coming out to the ring.  He is pissed!  McMahon robbed him of his title!
 He flies into the ring to attack Mcmahon!

Stunner Stunner Stunner!

Yeah having this is awesome.  It really amps up my wrestling figure play.