Tuesday, October 6, 2015


We finally decided to do some traveling in Saltillo.  We went out to Los Lirios to the Cola de Caballo.  It is basically a water fall 4 hours away.

The views are spectacular in Saltillo.
Wifey loved our trip.
Heck we both did.  MAN my arm is hairy!  What am I, a Sasquatch?
The hills are alive!
The waterfall is pretty amazing.
Love the water.
Some guy bought the place and put a hotel near it.  He is cleaning up.
So beautiful!

We came back home to something horrible which I will detail in a future blog.


  1. That place reminds me of a park here in NC where they have built a sidewalk right up to the waterfall. Not that I wish you misfortune but Im eagerly awaiting the post about the horrible thing you came home to. Im glad to see you back sooner then the possible year you mentioned before .

    1. It was horrible. The government broke into our home. We are suing right now.