Thursday, October 22, 2015


Yup.  Just won this one on Ebay for $5 plus shipping.  I will be reparing and modifying most of them.  The Godzilla, Gargoyles guy, and the Dewback are fine to me.  I like them as is.  The other ones will be repaired.  Some to major makeovers.

Spidey, Hulk, and the huge Bobby Lashley figures came with no heads.  What I have planned for them are Marvel characters to do.

The Acklay just has a hole in his chest.  Ray will fix that right up.

The Cantina Band member has no legs.  I already have an idea for him.

The Manspider has his tusks gone and two arms missing.  Gotta redo that.

Stegron and the Lizard guy will be upgraded.

Keep on the lookout for future posts!  I will preface it by saying Broken toy so and so...

Saturday, October 17, 2015


I almost have all of the McDonaldland characters.  Only was missing the Professor, Captain Crook and some fry guys...Well one search is over.
I found two of them in the same tub!  All I gotta do is get the other two figures and THEN have Ray make my McDonaldland playset.

That is right!  I bought the Mcdonaldland Remco train playset...However it did not come with the cardboard backdrop.  So I am going to have Ray make one out of wood.  It will be much better and stronger.  Look for that probably next year as I really have NO space to do it right now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


We finally decided to do some traveling in Saltillo.  We went out to Los Lirios to the Cola de Caballo.  It is basically a water fall 4 hours away.

The views are spectacular in Saltillo.
Wifey loved our trip.
Heck we both did.  MAN my arm is hairy!  What am I, a Sasquatch?
The hills are alive!
The waterfall is pretty amazing.
Love the water.
Some guy bought the place and put a hotel near it.  He is cleaning up.
So beautiful!

We came back home to something horrible which I will detail in a future blog.