Friday, September 25, 2015


Yes...Come to me!
Here I am trying to look like the Mummy and failing miserably.  Ray has to make a base.  I wanted some newer things in my Mummy base.  Let's see how he did.
 WOW! Just to let you all know...Those paintings on those walls are HAND painted.  Nothing store bought in this base.
 He also used REAL SAND in the base!  WOW.  Look at that!
 The pillars are made of wood.
Boris never looked better.  
Well..that is the last of the models from Thailand.  There are no more monsters.  So from what I can tell...I am missing 

Horizon Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, and the Invisible Man.

BUT they cost too darn much to probably ever acquire. So this will be the last of the monster model kits for awhile.  The Monster Cafe display case is getting pretty full anyways.

So....This is going to be my last project for awhile.  We have some credit card debt that must be paid.  So...not much coming from the blog for awhile.  Maybe a year or so.  It is sad for me but until my ship comes in it is the way it has to be .

Gracias to all who have supported me.  I thank you!  I will pop up from time to time.  I could just post pics from Google like some bloggers but that is not what this blog is about.  


  1. Take It easy,bro.I kind of regret deleting my old site,so word of advice,keep Monster Cafe Saltillo going and post pics when you can ;)

    1. Oh I am. I am not taking it down. I just do not have much money for cool stuff to show is all. My situation will turn around soon though.

  2. Well I hope to see you back before a year! You never know you might be walking down the street and find a copy of Superman number 1 sitting in the trash , but then would come the unnerving decision as to sell it or keep it. Good luck with you dept , I know the feeling all to well , I currently have $42,000 in medical bills I will probably be leaving to a long lost relative in my will.