Thursday, September 3, 2015


I gotta tell you I LOVE taking these army 12 inch guys and transforming them into something more useful than a naked Gi Joe guy. Of course I would never turn a vintage GI Joe into one...These are cheapo World peacekeepers.  But the one I feature today is a Max Steel throwaway...

 Uh oh!  Through some nefarious magical trickery Iron Man's old foe the Mandarin is now a giant!  HE wants to do away with our intrepid hero.  What will ole Shellhead do?
Quickly the Mandarin his Iron Man in his grip.  Trying to crush the life out of Tony Stark.  Will help arrive soon?
 Clint Barton AKA Goliath comes out of nowhere and plows into Mandarin!
 He starts beating the fortune cookies outta him!
 Mandarin is so startled by the attack he cannot use his deadly rings of power.
Goliath and IronMan celebrate victory!

I love this figure.  I think it is my favorite Ray has done .  So cool to have a seventies era Goliath.