Friday, August 7, 2015


My first Wrestlemania was 3.  I hadn't known Roddy as a wrestler...just as a host of Piper's pit is all.  I saw the legendary Hulk Hogan get his shirt torn away from him by Andre the Giant.

I never knew Roddy even wrestled much.  I saw his match at Wrestlemania 8 against Bret Hart...and some of his matches on Youtube.  I didn't like his wrestling.  He was a punch and kick kind of a guy.  Not a mat wizard like Bret Hart.  However he was special.

When he was on the show it felt magical.
RIP Roddy!   You put the WWF on the map.

The two that would really break me up if they go would be Hogan and Bret Hart though.


  1. For me Piper was the bad guy and Hulk Hogan was the good guy and it will probably always be that way in my mind. When ever he returned to the show later in his career he always got as much or more crowd pop as Mick Foley. Really a true loss. Losing Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper so close to each other makes it feel like my childhood is dyeing off at an accelerated rate.

    1. For me it was Andre. I came in right after Piper and Hogan had their thing.

  2. Sorry for the loss of this renowned Athlete / Actor....
    We did enjoy the film "They Live"....
    A Great Weekend to you both....

  3. Going to miss Piper he was one of those guys i thought would live forever.

  4. Sad indeed. He was crazy cool back in the 1980s. As an homage, we watched THE LIVE.