Sunday, August 9, 2015


I have talked about this book before as it was the inspiration behind Monster Cafe.  I did the brown bag Franky in it...I followed Alan Ormsby's instructions to the letter on the other stuff.  Heck I memorized this book!  What is so weird is that right after we opened a man came in and looked at the display case of monster collectibles.  He remarked that I was missing a Monster Book.  He returned a week later with THIS book for me that he had copied at CopiK and bound for me.  It was all on white paper etc.  I could not believe he picked the book that I had loved so much.  There are lots of monster books out there mind you, but he had this one he photocopied for me.  I thought it was a sign that I was destined to do this cafe.

Now I have it!  I finally have it again.  So awesome.  This author stirred in me that absolute desire to create something like he did.  And I did it.  We opened on December 2008 and are still here.  Giddy up!


  1. That was one that we never got ....
    Cool book...!!! read over one a couple of times....
    We do enjoy movie monsters....

  2. I believe that was one of if not the first monster book I had. I think it came from either the book sell that came to the schools or that little book catalog they gave you in school that you could order from. Got it when I was like 5 years old.

    1. I remember the book , just was not able to get one... my first was Hard-cover "a Pictorial History of Monster Movies"... Book is still good and the "dust jacket" is stored in a box....

    2. I got it from a book sell that was in my elementary school Northwoods!