Friday, August 14, 2015


Well I picked up three more Thailad horizon model kits.  This one of Son of Frankenstein is a Geometric kit.  I wish the Thailand guy had more but this is the only one.  For the base I wanted Ray to do it in a cemetary.  I think it will be a great addition to Monster Cafe Saltillo.
Wow.  Look at the difference in my arms.  The left one I broke is still VERY small.
I gave Ray some of the tombstones I had from other kits.  Let's see...
 OH MY GOODNESS!  Look at it!  It is a little more than a foot big!
 Frankenstein never looked better!
 Ray even designed his own tombstones.
 Check out that fog!
 He even added some rats.
 Do you see the fence in the back?  Nice touch huh?
This is a great kit!  Thanks Ray!  As a kid I always wanted these kits.  Now I got em!  When I look at them I become a young man again.


  1. really cool Frankenstein ....!!!
    oh, the article that I posted was about my Bank Robbery back in 84'...
    A great weekend to you good Sir Hobgoblin...