Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Some of my first forays into comics was in 1982.  Thanks to Robbie Trott.
I went to the drugstore because I had heard comics were there.  I picked up Contest of Champions 2.  Wow.  What an issue!  I really had no idea who these characters were but was eager to learn.  I love when Iron Man blasted the Conquistador.  Ironfist vs. Daredevil!  It gave me my first real taste of the Marvel Universe.  Secret Wars came a few years later as did the Infinity saga.  But the first will alwaqys be COC.

I wanted issue 3 bad but had no money when I was 9....So as a little sneak...I tried to rip off the drugstore by bringing in Defenders 109 to trade to get COC3.  It didn't work.  They were mad because I tried to steal it...Yeah it was SO wrong of me.  But that was a long time ago.

Man I look like a dork in that pic!
Is this a better one?  Nope...Gosh darn.


  1. Glad that you were able to finally obtain this "childhood Treasure"...

    1. Amen. I remember leaving our home when the third issue came out.

  2. Any Marvel comic that featured multiple heroes either fighting against or with each other was a must read for all comic fans i think.It gave us a chance to see the dynamics between them.I never got to read any of these but would have been all over them as a kid.

  3. I remember reading these as a kid. Now I own them on iPad.