Sunday, August 2, 2015


THE comic that got me into comics to begin with is finally mine again!  Let me take you back to December 1980.  I had found a new friend at school.  Robby Trott.  He opened up my world I gotta tell ya.  He got me into old school Dungeons and Dragons, Choose your own Adventure and yes, comic books.

Back then I thought comics were for babies.  Hell I had just turned 8 myself.  But we were over his house and I looked through his Amazing Spiderman collection.  He had just started himself.  210 was the first cover.  The one that introduced Madame Web. old lady...I was not interested.  I thumbed through a little more.  214 caught my eye.  It was the Trapster.  He just jumped out of the page to me.  He called to me to read it.  Robby started teaching me about comics.  So the next day I went up to 711 which was a block from my house and got the first Amazing Spiderman comic on the rack.  The new one.  Amazing Spiderman 224 with the Vulture!  That issue was um...AMAZING!  I bought more.  I sent off for a subscription to Amazing Spiderman and Spectacular Spiderman.  Than I discovered a comic book shop called the Paper Chase.   Wowie!  I was introduced to a whole lotta Marvel there.

And I have Robby Trott to thank for it.  I wish I could find him again and thank him.  He moved right after I met him.  My life has never been the same.

 I found the lot cheap on Ebay.  Oh reading them really took me back too.
 I obtained around 15 comics.  All Amazing Spiderman!  Reading them again was such a thrill.  All in that meaty 1979 to 1982 era that I am so fond of.
The one that started it all.  214!  My childhood is almost complete.

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