Sunday, August 30, 2015


After being a fan of the WWF for years I FINALLY have a Hulk Hogan T shirt.  Had to get it.
 Screw the WWF and their hatred of my hero.
 I will wear it proudly!  Love the guy!
Boy my left arm just cannot get big again.  I am working on it though.

Friday, August 28, 2015


I love this movie.  It was an essential part of my childhood.  However the buttheads at Youtube keep on taking it down.  So.......

Now it is free on Putlocker!

Oh it is SO good.

Monday, August 24, 2015


I have gotten a few of the Marx 6 inch army figures....Now I just found an Indian....
So awesome!  Now all I gotta do is find a Caveman and Cowboy 6 inch and for me it will be complete.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PULGAS- AWA REMCO! part 1 of epic find

So wifey and I decided to take Sunday off and head out to Arteaga.  Where the pulgas is.  It is a great little town.  I usually go with the expectation of never finding anything.  Boy on this day I was WRONG.
I peered into this tub of toys and one figure stood out to me....RIC FLAIR!  Then I started pulling out more.
 The longriders!  I hate to say it but I never watched the AWA.  I didn't get to see this gimmick.
 Larry Zybysko!  WHOA!  He was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
 Ric Flair was the first figure I saw.  I love it.  Never had these as a kid as I was a WWF LJN fan first.
 Then I found Whiplash from Masters of the Universe!  Same tub mind you!
 I debated on wheather or not to get him as some jackass kid tore his tail off.  But then my wife kindly nudged me that Ray would restore him probably.  So I ended up taking him home.  Now with Kevin's Mantenna I have two MOTU figures.

And because he didn't have his tail my new Four Horsemen put the boots to him.  Was thinking of restoring all four AWA Remco figures too with their robes and jackets .etc.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Yup...Wifey and I took the day off and had a blast.  We went to Arteaga.  They have great second hand toys there.  I picked up a few things which I will detail in the following blogposts.
 I tried to get a pic with this donkey but he was having none of it.
Poor shy donkey...
 In Arteaga they have a mountain water stream going through the middle of the city.  It is quite something to see.
 So Wifey and I decided to put our feet in it.  Oh it is NICE!
 Very cool.  I love Arteaga.
 The worst part was when a diaper floated by and I had to lift my feet outta there fast.
They have these HUGE trees that grow on the water.  Had to climb up one to get a shot.  All in all a relaxing trip.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Well I picked up three more Thailad horizon model kits.  This one of Son of Frankenstein is a Geometric kit.  I wish the Thailand guy had more but this is the only one.  For the base I wanted Ray to do it in a cemetary.  I think it will be a great addition to Monster Cafe Saltillo.
Wow.  Look at the difference in my arms.  The left one I broke is still VERY small.
I gave Ray some of the tombstones I had from other kits.  Let's see...
 OH MY GOODNESS!  Look at it!  It is a little more than a foot big!
 Frankenstein never looked better!
 Ray even designed his own tombstones.
 Check out that fog!
 He even added some rats.
 Do you see the fence in the back?  Nice touch huh?
This is a great kit!  Thanks Ray!  As a kid I always wanted these kits.  Now I got em!  When I look at them I become a young man again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Some of my first forays into comics was in 1982.  Thanks to Robbie Trott.
I went to the drugstore because I had heard comics were there.  I picked up Contest of Champions 2.  Wow.  What an issue!  I really had no idea who these characters were but was eager to learn.  I love when Iron Man blasted the Conquistador.  Ironfist vs. Daredevil!  It gave me my first real taste of the Marvel Universe.  Secret Wars came a few years later as did the Infinity saga.  But the first will alwaqys be COC.

I wanted issue 3 bad but had no money when I was 9....So as a little sneak...I tried to rip off the drugstore by bringing in Defenders 109 to trade to get COC3.  It didn't work.  They were mad because I tried to steal it...Yeah it was SO wrong of me.  But that was a long time ago.

Man I look like a dork in that pic!
Is this a better one?  Nope...Gosh darn.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I have talked about this book before as it was the inspiration behind Monster Cafe.  I did the brown bag Franky in it...I followed Alan Ormsby's instructions to the letter on the other stuff.  Heck I memorized this book!  What is so weird is that right after we opened a man came in and looked at the display case of monster collectibles.  He remarked that I was missing a Monster Book.  He returned a week later with THIS book for me that he had copied at CopiK and bound for me.  It was all on white paper etc.  I could not believe he picked the book that I had loved so much.  There are lots of monster books out there mind you, but he had this one he photocopied for me.  I thought it was a sign that I was destined to do this cafe.

Now I have it!  I finally have it again.  So awesome.  This author stirred in me that absolute desire to create something like he did.  And I did it.  We opened on December 2008 and are still here.  Giddy up!

Friday, August 7, 2015


My first Wrestlemania was 3.  I hadn't known Roddy as a wrestler...just as a host of Piper's pit is all.  I saw the legendary Hulk Hogan get his shirt torn away from him by Andre the Giant.

I never knew Roddy even wrestled much.  I saw his match at Wrestlemania 8 against Bret Hart...and some of his matches on Youtube.  I didn't like his wrestling.  He was a punch and kick kind of a guy.  Not a mat wizard like Bret Hart.  However he was special.

When he was on the show it felt magical.
RIP Roddy!   You put the WWF on the map.

The two that would really break me up if they go would be Hogan and Bret Hart though.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Controversial Thursday- Why thou hast forsaken me oh bloggers thee?

So from my last Controversial Thursday post quite a few bloggers have eliminated me from their blogrolls.  Normally I get around 30 views each post on mundane toy related topics but everytime I do a Controversial Thursday one it always goes well over 100.  So my hits came down alot.  That is ok.  I am not a blogger virgin anymore.  3 years into this.
This is me above in a nutshell.  With the addition of loving toys, monsters etc.

Liberals say they are tolerant of everything...Um...except the above...

Yeah that is pretty much it.  They SAY they are tolerant but that is a lie.  They only tolerate what they like.  But then lie and say they tolerate everything.

Stunt Zombie cleans his blogroll and surprise! I am not there.  He calls me out and when I confront him about it, he hides away.  I am not surprised that he did that.  Most liberals do that.  

Then Calvin from his cave of cool cleans me as well.  Now I am not sure how I feel about this one.  On one hand he has a point.  I have been lax on sending him some luchador masks he wanted.  I was just about to send them a year ago and we got hit with proteccion civil and we had to pay $4,000 to get the restaurant ready for them.  It wiped us out.  Guess who didn't care to show up this year.  That is right.  They only wanted the mordida last year.  So I wasn't able to go to the U.S. plus with my visa it just wasn't able to happen.  Then I confess I got caught up getting childhood toys etc.  But I will send them out.  It will be next year though.  Winter is the worst time for the cafe.  So I bantered with him a few times when he would run the U.S. down in his posts.  Then he called me an asshole.  I let it slide but remembered it.  Now he cleans me  from his blogroll.  Oh well.  Cal is really funny and posts hilarious stuff on his blog sometimes...then other times it is another story. I think he is in his fifties and it does bother me that he posts all the time of scantily clad girls young enough to be his daughters.  It is kind of dirty old manish and disgusting.  But again libs don't have many morals...

Goodwill Geek cleaned me too.  But he sent me Mayor McCheese and although I do comment on alot of his posts even though he doesn't do me anymore that is ok.  I love the Mayor.

I have to thank John, Kevin, and Tony.  They were nice enough to post comments on whatever crap I came up with.  They were always great.  Tony and Kevin especially.  They kept me going.  They were so nice to send care packages.  If ever this frickin lawsuit ends I will more than make up for it.

So since I have been doing the whole blogging thing since August of 2012 I have kissed alot of ass.  Posted on blogs and never getting a comment in return etc.  I won't name them.  But after looking at a blog like Pop Culture Safari I realized something.  This guy has been blogging for YEARS!  YEARS!  And guess what?  He rarely ever has any comments.  My realization is I shouldn't care if people comment.  I am going to keep on keeping on and stop kissing ass.  No more.  No more posting on topics I don't care about.  If I like it, I will comment.  No more following blogs that only post pics of stuff they found on the net..  Hell I can find pics on google!  I have never understood bloggers that do that.  Just post pics of stuff they find on Google.  

I am who I am.  I have to stay true to who I am.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


THE comic that got me into comics to begin with is finally mine again!  Let me take you back to December 1980.  I had found a new friend at school.  Robby Trott.  He opened up my world I gotta tell ya.  He got me into old school Dungeons and Dragons, Choose your own Adventure and yes, comic books.

Back then I thought comics were for babies.  Hell I had just turned 8 myself.  But we were over his house and I looked through his Amazing Spiderman collection.  He had just started himself.  210 was the first cover.  The one that introduced Madame Web. old lady...I was not interested.  I thumbed through a little more.  214 caught my eye.  It was the Trapster.  He just jumped out of the page to me.  He called to me to read it.  Robby started teaching me about comics.  So the next day I went up to 711 which was a block from my house and got the first Amazing Spiderman comic on the rack.  The new one.  Amazing Spiderman 224 with the Vulture!  That issue was um...AMAZING!  I bought more.  I sent off for a subscription to Amazing Spiderman and Spectacular Spiderman.  Than I discovered a comic book shop called the Paper Chase.   Wowie!  I was introduced to a whole lotta Marvel there.

And I have Robby Trott to thank for it.  I wish I could find him again and thank him.  He moved right after I met him.  My life has never been the same.

 I found the lot cheap on Ebay.  Oh reading them really took me back too.
 I obtained around 15 comics.  All Amazing Spiderman!  Reading them again was such a thrill.  All in that meaty 1979 to 1982 era that I am so fond of.
The one that started it all.  214!  My childhood is almost complete.