Sunday, July 19, 2015


So I have had Ray doing some little projects here and there.  Well now it is time to get back to the big boys.  I set up my painted Dinosaurs with rocks that my wife had to give them some sort of terrain feel.  It looked pretty good but I felt something was missing.  So I decided to make the Land of the Lost base.

Think of it as the Savage Land.
 All I need is to pose some of my Marvel Universe Xmen figures with it.
 This thing is frickin amazing!  I have not done a project like this since last year.  The WCW signs or something like that.  I cannot remember.
 It looks awesome from every angle and will be the centerpiece of my dinosaur Jurassic Park collection.
I was a fan of the first season as a kid.  I HOPE Funko Reaction sees their way to release 3.75 action figures of Land of the Lost.  They would go good with my sign.

I just need a few plastic plants and the thing will really come alive.
Thanks Ray for making some of my dreams come true!