Friday, July 31, 2015


If you do not know what this is...Go out to a Brazillian place and get some right now.  They are delicious.  Some of you know I was married once before to a loco Brazillian chick.  The best thing she ever showed me was Coxinha.  Little dollops of batter cooked with chicken inside and catupiry cheese.  They are to die for.
This is what they are supposed to look like.

So I had my chef whip up some.  However he is not Brazillian...Therefore they came out good not great.
IN part because I do not have the right cheese.  This little thing is $40!  No way am I paying that price.  So we had to use cream cheese...Still good.
 My chef has not figured out how to do the teardrop on the end.  But no matter.  THESE are good!
I cannot hush my excitement!

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