Monday, July 27, 2015


When Hasbro came out with the MU Frost Giant I thought it was very cool...Then I saw the prices on Ebay.  And since they never made their way down here....Here we go!
I found this LJN Big John Studd at the pulgas.  Since NO Mexican kid would know who he was I figured I would buy him for sale in the cafe. He was beat to crap though.   But then I noticed he might look good like this.  Since I already have a Big John Studd, this was an extra one.

I had my artist use this as the model.
I painted it myself.  Now I gotta have Ray add the armor.
Ooopss  There was a communication error.  He thought I wanted a viking and not a frost giant.  Well we can have that corrected.  He does look good as a viking though.
 Now he is painted blue.  Looks awesome!
 Uh oh...Thor faces off against the Frost Giant.

Thor is going to need backup!