Thursday, June 18, 2015

Controversial Thursday- I am a doctor and a fireman!

That is right!  I just had a degree in becoming a doctor and a fireman.  And it only took 2 hours of my time!  I can now prescribe medicines, perform complicated surgeries all the while putting out the most dangerous backdrafts known to mankind!

How did I do such a thing?

Well the assholes in the Saltillo government who are OBVIOUS libtards decided that every restaurant EVERY 6 months has to take their idiotic courses to the tune of $600 for child waiters to get these courses.
 OH MY GOD! A FIRE!  WHAT DO WE DO?  You call the fire department dumbass!
Ya do a little fire extinguisher stuff between your legs!
Yup.  We are now all board certified to put out any fire.  Um of course our knowledge only lasts 6 months before it is time to pay again for these "courses"  It is just a plain as day money grab from the restaurants though.  I NEVER in my entire time in Georgia EVER picked up a fire extinguisher when I worked as a waiter.  Nor had courses etc.  They did what normal people did.  They frickin called the fire department!  This is EXTORSION From the Saltillo government!  Waiters quit like it is a bodily function. So I have to pay for the next 16 year old everytime to become a doctor and a fireman.  Oh, did I mention doctor?  Well read on....
 Yup.  We also took a course that lasted an hour of us wrapping people up if they got cut.  Well let me tell you, if some teenager with NO medical experience wraps me up if I have an accident at a restaurant I am suing  the Saltillo government for making such an insane law.  Believe me.  Kids have no business attending to the wounds of ANYONE!  They could do far more damage to them.

We also learned about poisening and how to lay someone's head up from the floor.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  This is crap!  CALL a frickin ambulance for this!  Little zit faced kids have NO right to be doing this!

Disclaimer- I love my waiters and chef etc.  But they should not be put in the position by the government to be doing these things.

When I fell at Mcdonalds and BROKE my arm in Feb of this year, no one from Mcdonalds helped in any way.  I am SURE they had these courses too Saltillo government!  Yet none helped!  See?  So your entire course thing is a bunch of crap.  Thank God my wife was there and drove me to the emergency room and I didn't have to rely on the fryguy to set my broken arm.

The Saltillo government is extorting the restaurants and businesses in Saltillo by requiring these courses.  It is insane and something only liberals could dream up.

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