Saturday, April 25, 2015


Just to let the whole blogging universe that I ain't dead yet...
We had some new stuff done for Monster Cafe to bring in summer.  Still working with the crappy camera...
 Got the guy in Love at First Bite's autograph.  I dare say his name is George...Also the crew of Seinfeld.
Where would I be without Clara Peller.  Where's the Beef?  Had to have her autograph next to the kitchen!
 Bad shot above...
 But we had new drawings done by Ray behind the bar on the terraza.
 I think they came out good.
 Ray is so talented!
The mutant looks just a little off but hey...
You may recognize the new sign outside.  It is my homage to that classic Monster Mash record from my youth.  God I miss the seventies!
 A little painting outside our unisex bathroom on the terraza.
Of course had to label it BATHROOM...
 Then Ray surprised me.  He painted a jack daniels bottle with the four monsters on it.  I stuck a fake plant on top and wala...It adds something to the reception area.
 Bride and Franky...Love it.
Wolfman and Mummy on the other two sides.
Last but not least another tribute to a record from my youth.  This is our banner to hire workers here.  That Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein record is a childhood favorite.  I have got to get it again one day.

All in all I am well pleased.  We also fixed 7 tables that were about to fall apart on the  terraza.


  1. Dude, looking good! I love all the new stuff. Keeping it fresh

  2. Dream restaurant right here! Love all of it buddy, and the Metaluna Mutant painting is rockin!!!!!