Friday, January 23, 2015


I admit it...My model painting skills are subpar.  They are too bad I think but not at the level of a professional.
It is not terrible.  But not awesome either.  So I got together with RAY and wanted to add the dog to the kit.  And away he went!
 Ray took a pic with him just starting it...Pretty cool huh?  I like the yellow look.
 This is the final version.  I had a slight modification from Ray,  I had him add cotton for hair and I wanted saliva to be dripping out of the dog's mouth.
 With my creepy green lighting...
I had him mount the dog and the nameplate on a wood base so that they are all connected.
Closeup of the hair and eyebrows....Very cool huh?  You cannot see from the pic too well but Ray had added bluish veins in his hands and head.


  1. I like the blue repaint...
    A great Weekend to you and yours, my Friend...

    1. It is not blue any longer. Bye bye bad paint job! How are you doing sir?

    2. Just found out yesterday that they (this Town and the County) are again trying to take my home... this will be 9 times that they have tried this ( by re-arranging the property deed and re-writing their "documentation" ...They even added the Name of my Neighbor as one of the Owners of my Home , for the third time...!!!!)
      They are out to "Get" Stacey and have been for many years...
      So , at present a bit too much to deal with...

  2. Replies
    1. He does look great. I want scary monster models in the cafe.

  3. This to me Is one of the scariest monsters of all time.