Monday, December 8, 2014


That is how he looked on Ebay.  Still has the rope around his neck thingie...I always loved this toy.  This was one of the first if not THE first Star Wars big monster ever made.
He looks fantastic!  You wag the tail and the head moves and everything.  Oh my little childhood toy is finally back.  And this one came with two bonuses!  Two tops of pens were found inside the body of it.  Some kid tried stuffing him...HAHA

So thrilling to have this again!  So now I have this and the Tauntaun...For the big creatures I believe I am only missing the Wampa.  I shall have to have Raymundo sculpt the saddle out of resin.


  1. Excellent piece to add to the collection. Can't wait to see him rehabbed and displayed outside the cantina.

  2. Still own the one from when I was a kid.