Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Like Danny Devito said at the end of Twins.  It feels GREAT to be a good guy!  Yup, Wifey and I were real life superheroes last week.

We were driving along and saw two cops and 3 10 year old kids chasing someone.  So I jumped out of the car and had my club with me to give chase haste.  Wifey parked the car at the entrance of this gated park where everyone ran into.  I ran up to the cops and asked what the perp looked like.  One short young cop said he was wearing a striped blue and white shirt.  We looked for about 20 seconds when all of a sudden the perp who was hiding at the entrance to the park made a bolt to leave the park.  Apparantly we had missed him when we ran into the park.
The shirt looked like the one Marty is wearing here.

Anyway he bolts towards my car and Wifey.  She tries to hit him with the car!  Isn't she awesome?  The short young cop is much faster than I and since he knows we are there to help he jumps into the car with Wifey and they chase after the kid.  I run back to the entrance and am POOPED!  Being 42 will do that to you.  Anyways about 20 yards away the young cop with the aid of being in a car has wrestled the kid down.  I come up panting, give the kid the middle finger and Wifey and I take off with the cop's thanks.  Found out the kid had stolen a gold bracelet that the little kids saw and reported it to two cops nearby.

It felt SO good to help the police capture this piece of crap.

It is kind of retribution for that butthead throwing a brick through my car a few years ago.


  1. Your Bat-Man now Hobby....or should we call you....Man with Bat now lol.

  2. Well at least you had a bit of "excitement"....
    Glad that you and your wife are OK...