Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I loved Polar Lights Dinosaur kits.  Really.  I painted the Trike and Terrordactyl just fine but my T-Rex just lacked a certain punch...
 Eh....It is passable....But...
Yeah, it kinda sucks....So I had a real artist paint it up.....Raymundo to the rescue!
Much better right?!?!?!  I got inspiration from the Marvel Comic Devil Dinosaur created by Jack Kirby.

Looks like he is about to march on the city eh?  Love the Spider rearing up to attack him.  Could be a scene from King Kong!
I just love this new paint job.  It really makes the Trex come alive!  Now that I think about it my painting on the other two suck as well...I will get Ray to do them too.


  1. I like the choice of colors for the base.It really pops!

    1. Yes it does. FAR better than what I could ever do.

  2. Damn! He looks fine. I love the shading on the Dino's skin.

  3. Hell yeah! DEVIL DINO is awesome! You just need a Moon Boy for him now to ride on his back.