Friday, December 5, 2014


Now I live in Mexico where we do not have many things like the U.S. has.  So unfortunately for me, I do not live anywhere near a Goodwill like Derek over at the Goodwill Geek does where it rains awesome books down all the time.

Yeah I had to order mine off of Amazon!  But hey at 1 cent plus $4 shipping it was worth it to me.  This book to me is extra special.  It was my first CYOA that I bought at a book fair in 1979 at Northwoods Elementary school in Doraville GA.
I am sure it planted a seed in me to do Monster Cafe Saltillo.  The imagery!  Oh, it was exciting!
Finally in my possession in 34 years!  I am psyched to explore it under my covers at home!  Reading with one good lamp on to see if I can get out of being killed.  I only had around the first 10 Choose Your Own Adventure books so the ones that came after hold no interest for me.  SO glad I have this puppy back.

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