Monday, December 15, 2014


So I bought this 1 and a half foot Christmas tree at the dollar store to use for my WWF figures when they do a Christmas RAW.  You may remember it from the Christmas of last year.  Well I had no intention of leaving it this way forever.  Yeah it took a year or so because I was burnt out on doing WWF projects....But then Wifey wanted a real Christmas tree for the Monster Cafe this year...And well...

I hardly recognize it!  Raymundo made everything on it.  Even put it on a swanky red base.  Cool huh?  Well now that I am almost finished with other projects I might be going back to WWF stuff this year and next.  Also we added a few lights to it.  It is the first Christmas tree in my life.  As a JW we didn't celebrate Christmas.  So this is really cool and special to me.