Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Yeah forget you scalpers!  The Goliath figure pictured below is $150 on Ebay...
So........Remember that 1996 GI Joe figure I picked up in the Haul of Hauls?

  Well he is multi-articulated...I desperately NEED Avengers figures....So here we go.  But after thinking about it I decided I wanted the Goliath from the Masters of Evil.  I loved the story UnderSiege as a kid where Goliath and the other army of Masters beat the stuffin out of Hercules and Jarvis and almost destroy the Avengers.  

So here we go...again...
Don't laugh at his George Costanza rather bulbous head stretching out my finely knitted sweater!
Looks good doesn't he?  If I find some big GI JOE figures down here again I will continue.  I got plans to do Black Goliath, Giant Man, Goliath in blue, The Stranger and other big Marvel characters.  Maybe even some DC ones.
I found out when he was delivered by Raymundo that he could have sculpted on muscles on him...Good to know for next time.
I will destroy you Shellhead!


  1. He turned out pretty well. I think a little extra bulk would have helped with the "super hero" appearance.

  2. I kind of like the slender look.It has a Mego vibe.