Saturday, October 4, 2014


I became an Amazing Spiderman comic fan back in December 1981 or so.  It was from my friend Robbie Trott who I wish I could find today to thank him.  My first comic was 224 though so my first real Spidey villain reading off the rack was the Vulture.  I continued to read Amazing Spiderman throughout the years but NEVER read a Mysterio story.  He was never in any of the Amazing Spiderman issues from 81 to 1989!

So I really have no fondness for him but he DOES look cool as heck.  I found him down here in ole Saltillo!

Pulled down some green cotton for his effect and WHAMMO!  Great pic if I do say so myself.  I have read past issues mind you and I have watched many episodes featuring him in the original Spiderman cartoon which I have on DVD.


  1. Nice! This ones on my radar as well Hobby.The green cotton works!

    1. It does! Probably my best pic to date.

  2. I dont think I have read an issue with him in it either but I do remember him from the Spiderman cartoon.