Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Wifey and I were devastated at being forced to close just because we didn't pay the yearly fee for the STATE alcohol license.

They had come and closed us on a Saturday.  The authorities KNOW that a restaurant's best day is on a Saturday so that was just wrong IMO.

Sunday we called our lawyer and got great advice.  We posted about our experience on Facebook, My blogpost from a few days ago... We were not prepared for the results of our post....
Take a look at how many people saw it!  15,056 saw it as of this post right now.  BUT...we only have around 7,000 people that like Monster Cafe on Facebook so we were really shocked.

My mouth hit the floor!  OMG!

We met with the State license board and they were reasonable.  At first there was sticker shock.  They wanted to charge almost 4 thousand dollars in fines etc.  We reasoned with them etc.  They dropped most of the fines and late fees for the most part.  Because I don't have $4,000 just laying around ya know!  Without them dropping the fines we wouldn't have been able to be open again.

There also really needs to be better organization of where all the govt. buildings are.  We had to drive hours going to each one.  One was in Arteaga, one in Centro, one in lourdes etc.  Arghhh!  Just consolidate all alchol offices in ONE building!  We probably used that $4,000 in frickin GAS!  HAHA

So we paid the late license and we are back in business.  I have a feeling our fans helped out a great deal in getting them to drop the fines.

We are back baby!

Thank God for his blessings!  Believe me we learned from this experience and hope to never repeat it ever again.  We discovered our fans love the place.  Wifey and I read the comments on Facebook with joyful pride and tears.  Thanks to this fine city Saltillo and long live Monster Cafe!


  1. Congratz! Brace yourself Halloween and Dia de muertos is coming!!

  2. Thats great news! Now there is still hope that I might get to see your place in person someday.

    1. Yup. We will continue to keep on keeping on!

  3. Replies
    1. IT was touch and go for a day or so. I was worried.

  4. Oh, man. Glad this worked out for you and love when good things happen to good people.

  5. Great to read that you are back!!