Friday, September 19, 2014


Also included in the toys I picked up was this Toybiz Thor and the guys on his left and right that I do not want..Yeah I hated him when he first came out too.  No cape, a ridiculously long hammer etc. The other two Thorlike characters I have no idea who they are.  They will go for sale in the Monster Cafe display case.

So I am going to have to redo this Toybiz Thor.
There.  THAT looks much better.  That is a Thor one cannot do without.  My artist Raymundo painted him up real good and MADE the hammer and cape.  Not bad.

I hope to make my own 5 inch Justice League Avengers!  I am talking the Super Powers line mixed with the Secret Wars line and some Toybiz thrown in.  It will be epic.


  1. Thor looks great with the additional paint and cape, he always looked like he was in his pyjamas with that one tone blue colour scheme. Loving the idea of a combined Justice League/Avengers lineup using the older toys.

  2. NOOOO stop painting over those vintage figure lol!All jokes aside,he did a pretty good job with it.I kind of like the light blue,It reminds of a time when character likeness came second to being able to have the actual figure in the first place.

    1. Yes I normally hate when others paint or customize figures but this one is an exception since it was SO wrong in the first place.