Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The guy that started me into blogging.  He encouraged me to start a blog of my own.  His blog is Action figure tactics.  He did right by me.

 Tony paid attention to my posts.  He sent me additional Atlanta Braves cards!  Also WCW cards which I have never seen before.  Batman forever as well and one Wacky Pack!  So grateful.  I gotta get one of those baseball card books now to feature them in.
 He sent me the dollar Tree Snake eyes and a grunt!  So awesome.  I only had one modern Joe the Jungle Viper so this is well received!
 Not only those but look at this!  A 3.75 Batman and Croc Master!  He must have seen my rubber croc blogpost!  Now I GOTTA do a custom Batcave now.  CrocMaster was my favorite as a kid.
The grand finale is this mole digging type vehicle.  I cannot wait to bust up some Mexican Earth to pose this badboy coming out of it.  He also sent a MMA fighter.  Have no idea who he is but I will use them none the less.

All of these are my favorites.  I tried to pick only one and couldn't do it.

Thank you Tony for everything!

My train is coming soon and I promise to get back to all bloggers with care packages and Leigh.  Things are slowly turning around.


  1. Finally!Yes!I got scared and thought they may have come up missing lol!I'm glad you liked everything,Matt.I remember you saying you would make a Batcave If you had that Multiverse Batman so that explains that.And I know how much you HATE wrestling,hence the wrestling cards ;) And have fun with that Mole Pod,I did , It's great!

    1. Yeah it just takes forever to get to me. It sits in Texas for awhile before my guy goes to get it. I said I would make a batcave didn't I? Well after a few more action figure fixes my guy will be doing I might just start on that ole Batcave.

  2. Some great figures in there, the dollar store figures look awesome, Croc Master is a great figure and would make for a great villain against Batman, the figure with the Mole Pod is made using the Croc Master torso as well, so he'd make a good henchman. A great package. A Batcave at that scale would be awesome.

    1. It would be for sure. I just have a few other projects in the pipeline which interfere right now.