Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Wifey and I were devastated at being forced to close just because we didn't pay the yearly fee for the STATE alcohol license.

They had come and closed us on a Saturday.  The authorities KNOW that a restaurant's best day is on a Saturday so that was just wrong IMO.

Sunday we called our lawyer and got great advice.  We posted about our experience on Facebook, My blogpost from a few days ago... We were not prepared for the results of our post....
Take a look at how many people saw it!  15,056 saw it as of this post right now.  BUT...we only have around 7,000 people that like Monster Cafe on Facebook so we were really shocked.

My mouth hit the floor!  OMG!

We met with the State license board and they were reasonable.  At first there was sticker shock.  They wanted to charge almost 4 thousand dollars in fines etc.  We reasoned with them etc.  They dropped most of the fines and late fees for the most part.  Because I don't have $4,000 just laying around ya know!  Without them dropping the fines we wouldn't have been able to be open again.

There also really needs to be better organization of where all the govt. buildings are.  We had to drive hours going to each one.  One was in Arteaga, one in Centro, one in lourdes etc.  Arghhh!  Just consolidate all alchol offices in ONE building!  We probably used that $4,000 in frickin GAS!  HAHA

So we paid the late license and we are back in business.  I have a feeling our fans helped out a great deal in getting them to drop the fines.

We are back baby!

Thank God for his blessings!  Believe me we learned from this experience and hope to never repeat it ever again.  We discovered our fans love the place.  Wifey and I read the comments on Facebook with joyful pride and tears.  Thanks to this fine city Saltillo and long live Monster Cafe!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

MONSTER CAFE CLOSED! um..until furthur notice...

So Wifey and I are having an ordinary Saturday night just running our little cafe....When all of a sudden 14 police and military trucks pull up and 25 men armed to the teeth come in to ask us where our permit is for the alcohol license for the state is.  We have paid the Municipal and State EVERY year for the past 6 years mind you.  We got the Municipal one but the state we have not paid yet as the economy sucks and we fell behind.  What they do in the United States is to send a written warning that one needs to pay a bill.  They do not send in the frickin army!

I swear this is what they looked like.  Most hiding their faces etc.  with the same guns.

So let's not bother the precious CARTEL members doing the drug running in Mexico....Let's not bother the REAL criminals etc.

No let us bother a little restaurant that has brought nothing but good things to Saltillo in the form of jobs and a great experience for thousands of people.

So all of these little dicked police and military people had machine guns inside the cafe.  25 of them mind you....To close us!  They scared the customers that were there not to mention my wife and I.

 It was a  intimidating force of power.

So Monday will come and I will pay the license.  But after that?  Who knows?  What other crap with this government pull?

Anyone want to buy the cafe and run it themselves please let us know!

I am tired of this crap.


See what I did there?  Yeah I found a naked original Tauntaun down here.  It was only 3 SW figures I have found in Mexico.  The other two being a red Snaggletooth and Bib Fortuna.  TaunTaun was an awesome new creation in the Empire Strikes back.

Why do kids have to ALWAYS remove all articles of clothing or accessories on their figures?  It really peeves me.  I kept everything as a kid and never removed it.  So now I had my artist restore said Taun Taun.

The saddle was made out of resin.  Raymundo the artist is so frickin talented.  So now what was once a boring naked Tauntaun can now sit proudly among my collection as complete.

Notice BuzzChuck's Han Solo sitting atop him.

Also I have to regret I will be selling the awesome Boiler Room.  Wifey is having a fit about it that it is too big.  Only asking $150

Pick up of course.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Super Powers Superman redo!

Remember my Super Powers figure I got.  Faded paint and no cape.  Well my artist fixed that one really quick.
He now looks awesome.
 He looks brand new I gotta tell ya!
The sign on the back could be just a little better but I am not complaining.  So happy to have the beginning of the JLA again.

It makes me want to buy the Super Powers figures that have no capes just so we can restore them.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Also included in the toys I picked up was this Toybiz Thor and the guys on his left and right that I do not want..Yeah I hated him when he first came out too.  No cape, a ridiculously long hammer etc. The other two Thorlike characters I have no idea who they are.  They will go for sale in the Monster Cafe display case.

So I am going to have to redo this Toybiz Thor.
There.  THAT looks much better.  That is a Thor one cannot do without.  My artist Raymundo painted him up real good and MADE the hammer and cape.  Not bad.

I hope to make my own 5 inch Justice League Avengers!  I am talking the Super Powers line mixed with the Secret Wars line and some Toybiz thrown in.  It will be epic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The guy that started me into blogging.  He encouraged me to start a blog of my own.  His blog is Action figure tactics.  He did right by me.

 Tony paid attention to my posts.  He sent me additional Atlanta Braves cards!  Also WCW cards which I have never seen before.  Batman forever as well and one Wacky Pack!  So grateful.  I gotta get one of those baseball card books now to feature them in.
 He sent me the dollar Tree Snake eyes and a grunt!  So awesome.  I only had one modern Joe the Jungle Viper so this is well received!
 Not only those but look at this!  A 3.75 Batman and Croc Master!  He must have seen my rubber croc blogpost!  Now I GOTTA do a custom Batcave now.  CrocMaster was my favorite as a kid.
The grand finale is this mole digging type vehicle.  I cannot wait to bust up some Mexican Earth to pose this badboy coming out of it.  He also sent a MMA fighter.  Have no idea who he is but I will use them none the less.

All of these are my favorites.  I tried to pick only one and couldn't do it.

Thank you Tony for everything!

My train is coming soon and I promise to get back to all bloggers with care packages and Leigh.  Things are slowly turning around.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I was working at Baskin Robbins in GA when the movie came out.  We had a little comic store near there called Oxford Comics.  I LOVED that store!  One wing of the store was comics and toys and the other wing was used books.  Over the years the used book wing went out of business and Oxford Comics relocated to it's own store.

I was in full Batmania in 1989 and had the movie book.  It seemed like such an event in itself to even have the book.
Well thanks to Amazon I finally have it back.
 IT is like going back in time!  I plan on getting all of that summer back one day.  Here is the start of it.
Don't we look alike?  Two clowns!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


 Here is the rest of the loot from the Batcave I originally wanted.  All of these will be in the Monster Cafe display case for sale.  I do not really want them etc.

This must be a Marvel Legend or something but without all the articulation.  Captain America.  I do not do 6 inch figures.
Oh yeah.  These three I will be keeping.  A Batman forever Kilmer redsuited Batman, a purple Animated Batman, and a very good articulated Bale Batman.  However I still want the perfect Batman...The Super Powers one.
Spiderman figures.  I want none of them.  I want the Secret Wars one someday.
These must be Mcdonald's toys.  Have no need for em.
Penguin for sale in cafe...the other Batman's I will keep.  I will collect as many 5 inch Batman's as I can keep.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Sorry...I just have to post a pic of them together...
I must have the Wolfman and Mummy one day.  These are just too cool and one of the many reasons I opened up Monster Cafe Saltillo in the first place.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Included in the Batcave lot were these two MU's  Silver IronMan is my first figure to do West Coast Avengers but he was not on my list.  The Guardsman was.  Would love to get three more to have an army for a Vault scene.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I have always wanted one of those 1992 Batcaves.  Little did I know it was NOT by any means complete.  My artist would have to make the seat, clock part, railing, etc to it.
 I will be going through what else I got in the lot.  But right now it is Wayne Manor!
I also got that HUGE The Batman Manbat figure from the 2000 animated show.  He is awesome.  Even better than the original animated series one.  Wish I had that one so I could have myself a battle.  Eh, one day.  Anyways so glad to have the Batcave.  

Should I restore it?  Not sure.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Remember I got a Remco 1980 Naked Dracula?  No?  Oh well....I did.  And my artist set about restoring him to his old glory.

He looks perfect!  I love my artist.  Everytime he always goes the extra mile to make sure things turn out right.  He is doing Super Powers Superman cape and two more things.  We will see.

I HATE it when I get incomplete toys.  I love to restore or add things to them.