Saturday, August 23, 2014


Let me take you back to 1993.  I was dating a gal named F who had had a baby prior to our relationship.  It was a great 8 month courtship...THEN JW's called me and we broke up.  She didn't want to be one and I was blinded by their so called love for me.  Well...For revenge she stole my newly acquired JP dinosaurs and gave them to her daughter.  I was so distraught over the whole thing that I didn't even notice it till I had moved back to Atlanta from the little North Georgia town I was in.

Now after all this time I have them back minus 2.
 So fricking cool!  I bought them originally to make a Savage Land with the Toybiz figures but never got around to it.  So above is Young TRex, Stegasaurus, Two Compys, a velaciraptor, and 3 Dilphosaurus!
Now from the first series all I am missing is the Triceratops and the Big T-Rex.

So I suppose I will make a savage land with my MU Xmen!  I cannot wait to take them out to the Mexican desert to take some action shots with Xmen etc.


  1. Those JP toys go for crazy prices it seems these days!

    1. They do! IT is loco! BUT...I got these for a great deal.

  2. Dinosaur toys are everywhere it seems,but none beat these ones.The artculation allowed for maximum playability.Nice set Hobby.

  3. I had more of the human figures but my brother had a good assortment of the dinosaurs. We were so excited by this line when it came out. That summer I had stepped on a nail and it had messed my foot up, so for about a week and a half I was on the couch with all the Jurassic park toys around me. It was a pretty cool summer.

    I look forward to the pictures that you plan on taking with the X-Men and a Savage Land theme. That should be amazingly awesome!