Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Controversial Thursday is usually reserved for where I am pissed off and tell the truth about something or someone....And this is no exception!

Having the only Monster Cafe on the planet.  Yes I said the only one.  Universal's doesn't count.  They own the characters etc.  Vampire cafe in Japan doesn't count, it is only vampires etc.  Jekyll and Hyde's in New York is close I will admit....But it is not specifically geared towards monsters.  There are more skeletons than anything.  Even more than my ex-girlfriend....HAHA

I have waxed before about being ignored for interviews by the American Monster Community.  I have repeatedly asked Scary Monsters magazine and Famous Monsters of Filmland for SOME kind of publicity, even offering to pay for it.  Nothing....

So why should Diamond Select be any different?

They had a contest on their Facebook page recently.  All one had to do is to send them an email to get two of their Monster figures.  Phantom of the opera and the Metaluna Mutant.  I said they could send them to me as I own a Monster Cafe and thousands of monster fans would see them every year.

They started saying I was not a fan but rather a business owner...They said I had to have a relationship with the Karloff estate to get in the contest....They asked if I had licensed my cafe etc.  DOES ANY OF THE PEOPLE THAT BUY THEIR PRODUCT HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE KARLOFF ESTATE?

Take a look at these pics...

 The above pic is from Applebee's.  Did they obtain the proper licenses from Florida State to use their logo in their cafe?  OH THE SHAME!
Another pic from Applebee's.  Notice John Wayne's pic.  Did his estate give permission for his image to be hung in ALL of their 400 restaurants?  Um no they didn't...So why isn't Diamond Select crawling up Applebee's ass for non licensing issues?
What's that?  The BEATLES?!?!?!  Surely they gave THEIR permission for Applebee's to hang up their pic in their 400 restaurants right?  Of course not.
WHAT'S THIS?  THE INSIDE OF PLANET HOLLYWOOD!  Surely THEY licensed Herbie the love bug, Evel Knevil, etc. to be included in their cafe right?  WRONG!  They bought the crap and hung it up...Um, just like I did.

Oh but Diamond Select sends FREE product for Micheal Crawford to review.  Um, how many people see his site?  Yeah that is what I thought.  After he has talked about it, it goes in the archive.  People will have to search for it.  Thousands of people see my cafe though every year....

So what is it Monster Community and Diamond Select?  Since you do not give two shits about Applebee's....nor planet hollywood....

I got it!

Jealousy, and racism because my cafe is in Mexico.  That is the only things I can come up with.




MANY boutiques have Jennifer Aniston on their logos HERE in Mexico.  Did Jennifer ok this?  No!

Thank GOD I live here and not the needle dick United States anymore.  The whole thing has become a liberal cesspool.


  1. So, was it a Facebook contest, or were they just giving figures away?

    Applebee's doesn't need permission to display photos or memorabilia on their walls, any more than a sports bar needs permission to display team jersey's or photos. Also, why would Diamond Select care what kind of crap they put up?

    1. Exactly! It was a facebook contest! They said I was disqualified because I ran a Monster business and did not have a relationship with the Karloff;s....WHAT?

    2. Something else that just entered my mind, you're saying that Applebee's didn't ask permission to use the photos on their walls, but did you ask Universal's permission to use their monsters' likenesses?

    3. Exactly Chris? If Applebee's does not have to ask permission....Why am I being raked over the coals too? No I did not ask permission. They didn't either. But Diamond Select is holding it against me that I did not and refusing me to enter the contest.

    4. But the point I am getting at....Applebee's does NOT have to ask permission to use likenesses in their restaurant. Neither do I nor anyone else! I could do a Jack Nicholson restaurant if I wanted to and Jackie boy could do nothing about it.

  2. The difference is in how the images are used. Applebee's has pictures hanging on the wall of various actors. They likely buy them from a distributor who most assuredly has the rights to distribute those photos and memorabilia for display. They aren't used in advertising, and after watching several ads, it appears Applebees either doesn't film their ads in their restaurants, or they make the wall decor so blurry you can't tell what it is.

    Since you have a theme restaurant, there is no getting around the fact you are using copyrighted characters for commercial gain. In one of the pictures I've seen, you've got a picture of The Wolfman right above your front door, and it's a version most definitely copyrighted by Universal. In another photo, you have Universal's version of Frankenstein's Monster above the door. One of your ads from 2011 has just about all of Universal's monsters on it. All of that would fall under copyright infringement.

    It's all about usage. Applebee's uses photos as decorations and make no money off of them. You're using copyrighted images to advertise your Universal monster themed restaurant.

    Oh, and if you tried to open a Jack Nicholson themed restaurant in the US without his permission, you would likely find yourself with a nice little lawsuit.

  3. They likely buy them from a distributor....You are making an assumption here. You do not know for sure. Huge assumption. I have pics all over in my place as well of original drawings. Applebee's ISN'T using copyrighted images for commercial gain either right?

    Again copyright laws are different in Mexico. I would never open up a Jack restaurant in the states because of libtards. BUT...I could open one up here no problem. I wouldn't because not many people would go to it though. Why are you jumping all over Jekyll and Hydes in New York? Their name is a clear violacion isn't it? They show monster movies inside their place.

    I HAVE thought about changing the images above the door to something of my own design but.....Since copyright laws do not care here. No prob for me.

    I think you are definitely wrong about your second to last statement. You are saying people do not go to Applebee's for the decoration. Is that right? Bullcrap. Of course they do. So Applebee's IS making money off of their decorations.

    1. But Chris...What does what you say have any bearing on Diamond Select saying I could not enter because I was not a fan?

      I do not need permission to display pics or figures etc. on my walls either. The only thing you might get me on is what is above the door. Diamond Select had none of this knowledge however.