Friday, July 25, 2014

My father's work on Antique roadshow!

I would imbed the video but youtube will not let me do it.

CRAP!  During the time of my father's death I was so depressed.  To the point of suicide.  For some strange reason I wanted to clean the house out before I killed myself so no one would have to bother with sorting all out.  I was not thinking clearly... My father was an artist.  Painted around 60 paintings.  They were in the way.  I tried on Ebay to sell them and nothing.  So I put a few on Ebay for $60.  A woman bought all of them.  For that cheap price.

I find this link and she writes me stating she made thousands off of my father's paintings.

I wish she had kept that information to herself.  Dad would have wanted me to benefit from his work.  Not her.  When she bought them she called me stating she was just a private collector.  She came across on the phone as a crazy cat lady.  If I knew she was going to sell them, I would have stopped myself.

Oh well.  Live and learn I suppose.

But at least Dad's name is out there.

His old website is still available.


  1. I remember that episode. I had no idea that Was your father! I believe that I might have ate in the restaurant he designed in Athens because I ate in nearly every restaurant in Athens in the early 90's.

  2. It sucks that you didn't really profit from the sale, but it's cool that your Dad created something of value. We are only on the Earth for so long. It's neat to create something that other people desire.

  3. Thats a bummer Hobby but you have your memories of your dad and no one is going to sell those my friend.

  4. It's a shame about the paintings, but like John said, no one can take your memories of your father from you.