Tuesday, July 15, 2014


When I started this here blog I was a fan of most of the people that READ my little ole Blog.  Now this is my 500th post.  At first I showcased my cafe, then for a year I got into making my own wrestling playsets and robes.  Now this year around 3 months ago I started acquiring some toys from childhood.  I have made great headway in this area and couldn't be more pleased.  More is to come for sure.

My long term plans are to continue with my cafe which provides my livelihood and to continue with my childhood path.  It is bringing me so much happiness.

I hope to one day close the cafe and retire on a little farm here in Mexico.  More and more I become convinced that I should stay here.  It is cheaper, less rules, etc.  I kept believing the American media about how violent Mexico is etc.  It is mostly all bunk.  However I do miss the U.S. but would rather just travel there than to stay there.

For some of you thank you for accepting me in the blogging community.  BuzzChuck has been the best.  Thanks profoundly to him!  He got me wanting Star Wars vintage again.

Johnny Clawful and Tony too.  Micheal as well.  Cal has been great.

I think I am the dick of the toy blogging world.  No matter how many times I comment on others blogs, they never return the favor.  It must have been the Controversial Thursday posts.  Or that I am a gun loving Republican.

I have many more childhood delights coming.  I do not feel so left out of the loop anymore.  Heck I have Godzilla 1977 and others to keep me company.


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    1. And I really doubt that it has anything to do with the Controversial Thursday posts. I can speak only for myself here but I look at a post that has Zero interest to me (anything wrestling ,Star wars ,Marvel comics related) and instead of posting a comment that can be looked at as negative ( something like "this is some thing I would never buy" "I hate this" "I hate this toy" "this is a baby toy" or anything of that nature for example) I leave no comment at all. Leaving no comment on things that don't interest me is the easiest way to avoid posting something that comes off as sounding completely negative for the sake of being negative and dragging down somebody because they like things that I don't.

    2. Thanks! I told you I was the dick...I really do not mean to be negative, just giving my opinion. Most of the time I do say nothing. Other times I do say what I feel. But it is not to be negative.

    3. Hey to each there own. I know I don't comment on a LOT of what you post but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking at the picture and I respect that you have your passions and I have mine. I don't know what your views per post look like but if they are like mine I know a ton of people are looking but not commenting. I look at it just as I described above, The posts are interesting enough to click on but but not much to say in comment form that will sound genuine.I look at it like if somebody comments great if nobody does oh well its still something I like and it doesn't matter what others think about it. I know I come off as abrasive and rude a lot and I don't mean it myself either , I think my personality just doesn't translate well into the written word.If you posted to Google+ I would definitely +1 your posts and share them. I just wanted to clear up that I dont comment often not because I think your a dick but because I dont want to sound like Im being one myself, because your collecting interests are outside the realm of mine I often just don't have anything constructive to add.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I spent more on shipping than anything I ever sent you. Like Brother Midnight there were times I didn't post a lot because I don't follow wrestling. I also hate to post "looks good" or "I like it" over an over again. Some things there is a lot to talk about and others there are not. Congrats on the 500th post.


  3. I think my problem is, I intend to leave a comment, but then I get distracted and move on. Then, before I realize it, a few days have gone by and it's probably too late. I'll also echo what Buzz Chuck and Bro Midnight have said, in that if it's not something that's up my alley, I tend to not say anything.

    Either way, congrats on the 500!

  4. Congrats of 500 posts. That is a real milestone for someone that doesn't post twenty times a day. I know what you mean about comments. I think if people like what they see they don't comment unless the post moves them, good or bad. And I like the way you just express what you feel. Those people are my favorite because they don't really care what others think about them. I am very much like that too.

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  6. I don't comment anymore because you made those two women pay to use the bathroom LOL! Just kidding. Matty, there have been some things that you've said or posted that I disagreed with, and sometimes I like to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in as well, when maybe sometimes the best thing to do is not comment at all. I'd like to think that disagreeing has no adverse effect on our blogging relationship, but just know that If you say something that I strongly disagree with, I may comment on it (ask my older brother). It doesn't mean I don't like you as a person.I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I enjoyed the sh** outta your controversial Thursday's post although some may have touched a nerve. It's no biggie. You're a fellow blogger and toy collector and that is something we all have in common. Much like BM and Buzzchuck I try not to leave many half hearted comments just for the sake of leaving them. If I don't like something I may let you know but in a nice way. Guess that's just how I am.Also, I have kids and a family that keep me super busy! But trust me, Monster Café Saltillo is one of the first sites I click on when when in "BLOG MODE" ;)