Sunday, July 13, 2014


1980 was fabulous.  The Star Wars sequel was out and Yoda was the talk of the town.  I was the first one to have him in my neighborhood.  The next day Dad and I traveled to Seattle when Dale LaValley and my friends broke into our home, stole all of my toys, and vandalized my sancturary.  We sued but the judge decreed they were too young and the parents had to pay nothing.  Luckily we had a little insurance but I never saw my toys again.

Until today....
 Yes thanks to Buzzchuck Kevin I have my Yoda back!  It inspired me to get Dagobah!  Wowie!
It is just like I remember it too.  All it is missing is the two boxes that levitate and the spongy marsh.  My artist can make them right on up.  That would be easy for him.
 My artist did a great job with the swamp and the boxes.  They are around 2 CM bigger than the originals but he didn't know the exact sizes.  The swamp IS a cafe color although in the flash it appears white.
So cool to have this back!  I want em all now!  Land of the Jawas, the Hoth sets, etc.


  1. I used to have this set along with the Droid Factory back in day....My first Yoda was stolen too but my Grandfather bought me a second one so i was happy.

  2. Looks good! What a great playset.

    1. I love restoring these things! Making new customs etc. It is in my blood now.