Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Made in 1976 I had them when I was young.  Never watched an episode of Star Trek till much later in life though.

Now I am a Star Trek addict!  I have them all on DVD and love them.
EMCE Kirk vs. the Mego Lion....Who will win?
So awesome to have these back!  Thanks to EMCE!  I hope to one day at LEAST to have Dr. McCoy.  My landing party will not be complete without him!

I have gotten many of my childhood toys back and could not be more pleased.


  1. Dr.McCoy! My favorite character on Star Trek. : )

  2. These repros are fantastic because they do the figures exactly like they were in the 70s. I have everything but Checkov and Scottie. I admire you for hunting down your childhood treasures. This is what I am doing right now as well. Depth to the collection instead of just adding stuff.

    1. Amen to that! I could get alot of crap that I really wouldn't want OR get the stuff I really want.