Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Marvel and DC both suck sausages for me now.  I love my characters from the seventies and that is how I will always remember them.  I hardly recognize the characters today.  I found these down here.
It seems as if all the heroes and villains are having children.  That is stupid.  The characters should be timeless.  Oh well..John Jonzz and martian girl hear something rumbling in the JLA satellite...
 Suddenly the lights go out!
Oh no!  They are caught in the Giant hand of doom!  Yeah I couldn't think of a name for this hand....I might repaint it though with scales or something.


  1. That's actually his niece Miss Martian Hobby and i think she is actually a white Martian versus a green one like MM but with her shape shifting powers she changed her look to match her uncle's and she was at one point dating Super Boy.

  2. John is correct. They are from the Young Justice toy line. That cartoon was awesome and ended too soon.

  3. I'm starting to take a liking to the newer brand of heroes but I'll always prefer the ones I grew up with.