Saturday, July 5, 2014


Creepshow came out in 1982 I believe.  I was an instant fan.  I think my favorite was the Crate episode.  My least favorite was the cockroaches one.  What was so awesome was the title sequence.  The young boy who happened to actually be Stephen King's son in his room and his father hated him having the Creepshow comic.  I guess the father didn't mind so much the monsters in the kid's room though.
The kid even had Rodan flying up above.
Frankenstein will be substituting for the Mummy in this shot...  I never had the Prehistoric Scenes Allosaurus so that is no big whoop to me if I do not have it now.  The only PS model kits I am interested in are the Tar pit and the Wooly Mammoth as I DID have one of them as a kid.  I saw the tarpit live back then and always wanted one.  But I had the Mammoth.


  1. Well we need to find you a Mummy now Hobby.

  2. Everything was big in the 70's and all about monsters it seems.

  3. Looks like you still also need the Mattel Godzilla's Gang Miclas figure that's standing in front of Godzilla.

    1. Sorry pal. I had no idea what that thing was and it is not on my list. Never had it