Monday, May 19, 2014


I saw that John Clawful had these and the opportunity presented itself to get some so I had to!  I mean heck, I have a Monster Cafe right?  I put them right into the display case.  I have FINALLY a new camera.  

Yeah the pics are blurry....Oh well.  I was shooting through the glass.  First up is Dracula.  Wowie!  Very detailed Creature of the night.

The Werewolf and the hunter are next.  I like it alot.  I have NO idea why the tree opens up though.

Ah, the Frankenstein monster with Igor.  What can I say about this but COOL!

Last but not least is the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  This one I like the least but I do like the size of it.

Since McFarlane does his stuff SO delicately I decided to glue all my together.  Like model kits.  I will not be playing with these.

I HATE this camera.  $24 down the drain.  $24 for blurry shots.  It is a brand new piece of junk...


  1. make sure there isn't anything on the lens. Sometimes they have a film over the lens when they are shipped. Not sure, but I wouldn't expect amazing photos from such a cheap camera.

  2. Google bhas wished us "Happy Birthday" ... just click on the "Cakes" when you pull up Google....!!!!

  3. I see you are missing my 2 favorite sets, The Mummy and the creature.

    1. Also the other Frankenstein one and the Phantom.

  4. Replies
    1. Finally I am getting some things and catching up to you guys.

  5. These are great sets, I must keep an eye out for them. If you take pictures of these sets in front of a neutral background, like a plain sheet of a uniform colour and turn off the flash you may get better results from the camera. Also check if it has a "macro" mode which is good for close up shots of smaller details.

  6. Wow! Very nice! We own the Dracula set and the other Frankenstein set.