Thursday, May 15, 2014

Controversial Thursday- Failing school

I was a horrible student.  I don't think I ever studied for a test.  Since I was from a broken home not much was expected of me.  And I wouldn't have it any other way...

I have none of my original report cards...or school work....or books etc.  All of my youth was destroyed in the fire from 1991 that someone punk had set in my home.

But I dreaded getting a report card.  Every single time.  I was a C student for sure.  I felt afterschool studying was for the birds.  I had no time for it.  They already had me for many hours during the day where I missed cartoons and playtime etc.  and they were NOT going to be getting time after school for any shenanigans of studying extra.  My life was spent in the worlds of Gi Joe, Heman, Dukes of Hazzard, the A-Team, and Different Strokes.
Exactly Sweet Suga Brown....I had no time for it.  Cobra Commander had just ordered a full on Hiss tank invasion of the GI Joe Headquarters!  I didn't need to learn about history!  The Joes needed someone to lead the charge!  Roadblock and Snake Eyes weren't enough!

I never thought about the consequences of my future if I didn't study.  Really I didn't.  I was in the NOW.  Playtime, comic book reading, show watching etc.  Like the Big Bang Theory I was debating whether or not Hulk could lift Thor's hammer being the strongest one there is!  Now if there was a test about THAT....Surely I would have passed with flying colors and would have danced my report card into my father to see his gleaming smile.

How I graduated I will never know.  How I got accepted into college I will never know.  How I started my own restaurant in another country and have it be moderately successful I will never know.  But I do know this.
I owe none of it to learning anything at school!

Let's face it.  The educators FAILED at getting me the start in life.  All they ever did was to make me feel bad with this.
The reason for this blogpost was because I had a dream about getting these again.  F me?  No my dear "educators".....F YOU!

I learned more in the real world than I ever did in a classroom.  Making kids recite and memorize crap does not prepare them for life at all.  My education to be a good father came from Phillip Drummond, to know the Norse and  Greek Gods from reading Thor, that everyone has girl trouble from Spider Man.  

By all accounts of the school system I should have been a failure at life, to be in prison or worse just going by their grading system.  I was not interested in their version of school.  However today I feel MUCH smarter.  I would love to have the brain I have now to go back and ace their "tests".  I find history etc. pretty interesting now.  It still doesn't compete with a bound volume of the Showcase JLA though for pure entertainment value.

But I am here.  I made it.  I do not drink, smoke etc. I own my own house, bought and paid for that I won't be a slave paying it off for more years.  I am surely not a grade A fat ass like my old elementary school chums that did study hard.  They never took care of their bodies.  I did.  
Who has time for school when one is doing this?

This pic isn't mine but it was my childhood!


  1. I have dreams every once in a great while that am back in school and when i wake up i have sick feeling in the pit of my gut....I hated school!

  2. Hobby, as a teacher I feel you failed your teachers not the other way around. Teachers work hard to try to make the curriculum (what we are required to teach) interesting and relevant. If you didn't learn anything in school you would not have been able to read your Thor and Spider-man comics. You can't really blame the school for your poor grades if you put in no extra effort. You earned C's which means average. Based on what you said about your study habits that tells me you were a smart kid. You could pull C's without studying and home work. I tell kids all the time you get out of school what you put into it.

    1. Being from Atlanta my 5th grade teacher at every turn said Axe. That is all. I do not feel most of what is taught at school is beneficial for KIDS to be learning. It prepared none of us for the real world.

  3. Those Joes in that last pic were grouped perfectly. Not sure where you got the pic from Hobby but I like it. As far as schools go, yeah, they kind of go overboard with misleading history lessons, and useless science equations.Not to mention, if you were lucky enough to have a math teacher who talked like they had a mouth full of marbles you were almost guaranteed failure.