Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The haul of hauls part 2

So last time I shared how I obtained the big GI Joe guy and two WWE Mattel wrestlers.  Well this was on the same day and it is STILL quite a score...
All for not much!  Around $4!  I really didn't want the Soloman Grundy runt figure but there was NOTHING else at this previous table before I found the haul of hauls...But he was a Batman figure...AND he looked kinda cool but as a rule I do not buy these figures.  I hate them.  It was an impulse purchase.  The others though...Whoa!  Asajii Ventress!  Wish it came with her lightsabers but hey...This is Mexico.

The Cobra snake I bought for my WWF Jake Roberts figure.  I will paint him over and he will look good.

The pirate guy is from Pirates of the Caribbean.  I have 5 of the figures but not this guy.  I had to do it to complete the set.

Now for the two Crown jewels!  Captain Boomerang!  Last month when I was going to do the Hall of Justice custom I have been REALLY wanting to start collecting the JLU line.  So......very glad I have him now.  It will be slow starting and slow getting here in Mexico but I am willing to wait.

The MYSTERY MACHINE!  I have seen other bloggers with their TV cars and I wanted in on the action.  So glad I finally have it.


  1. Boomerang is and interesting villain from the 'rouges of the Flash"....
    We have lost Adress... My disability check just came in and while there is a bitof money for us to use for postage... .. We are sending you a package.... Jango Fett will be in it for sure c... sorry the "Caddyshack" would get my Sister in trouble with her job ... ( I will still send it before I die though)...
    now that
    it is warmer ... we will go through our Toys and find a couple of pieces to send with Jango by mid week so very sorry for delay...
    Have to find where the box with Modok got moved... ( but he is yous as well my Friend)
    and I will check over my Alien Predator figures as well...
    Again sorry for the delays...

    1. Just check your old blogposts. So long as you do not erase your old blogposts my post about my address will still be there amigo!