Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Terrific Trade part 2!

So last time was the Iron Patriot.  This time is a figure I am FAR more jazzed for.  I didn't want to shout my excitement to the traders...But wow!  Pretty frickin cool.  I only lost a Famous Covers incomplete Magneto for these two figures.
That is right!  An MU 3.75 ArcAngel!  I hope I spelled that one right.  I had got out of Xfactor by the time Angel lost his wings so I didn't read the whole Apocalypse storyline of how Angel did this.  I know about it...But reading it firsthand is quite something else.  He looks great.  Do I wish it were the Angel MU more than this?  You betcha!  But since this is Mexico I will take what I can get.


  1. Your striking gold in Mexico Hobby!

  2. Who said you can't find great figures in Mexico?This is one of the most highly coveted MU figures.Awesome score ;) BTW-Please leave him the way he is Hobby.No custom robes or hats or anything,ok ;)

    1. Don't you think ole Archie would look great with a custom made Indiana Jones fedora? Indiana Angel new series!

  3. Wow he looks great. I had the original release from the Toybiz line in the 90's. This guy looks way better.