Wednesday, April 23, 2014

State of the blog- yeah I totally copied john...

You know...I spent an entire year doing playsets for wrestling.  Wow.  That is a long time.  But with most stuff out of the way...I want to focus on my childhood.  I see other people's blogs and become jealous with how easily and for how little money they obtain things.  I used to have it that good when I lived in the U.S.  In Georgia I went to DragonCon every year.  Always picking up great stuff etc.

But now my life is down here in Mexico.  It is something I gotta live with.  So with that said this post starts off my year of getting things from my juventud!  So as well since it takes forever and a day for my stuff to arrive, my blogposts will probably be infrequent.

So........this being a second go around with my youth, I get to have things done my way.  Since I have been so great at finding the right people to do my customs, I will restore these toys to what they were....And better.

So this year will be getting those childhood STUFF I had.  I lost three collections in my life.  1.The kids vandalizing and stealing all my toys. 2. More asshats burning our house down 10 years later. 3. Selling it all because my father had died.

The last one is indeed my fault.  Some fault is laid at the witnesses feet for sure though.  They drilled into my brain Armaggeddon was coming at any minute back in 2004-2006.  

So this time I get to keep it!!

My collecting goals for right now have mostly to do with luck.  
1. Naked GI JOE'S or Star Wars 12 inch at the flea market-  I am having a blast customizing wardrobes for for my wrestlers and I think what I could do with other types.  Gotta find some nakedness!  I don't want figures with clothes on.  I just want them naked and multi articulated.

2. Marvel Universe-  There are 6 that are right here in Mexico that I haven't picked up yet due to their cost.  I hope to rectify that this year.

3. Finish my wrestling clothes- I still have a few more to do.  But with this new sewing gal I will probably finish my goal this year.

4.  Sewing clothes for me!  That is right.  I want to do a few stuff for my living breathing self.  Whaddya think I should do?  Riddler suit?  I would hate doing cosplay that everyone else does so Batman and Superman are OUT!  


  1. Good luck on your goals Hobby am sure you will hit them. : )

    1. I hope to come out swinging! That Cantina playset stirred my creative juices.

  2. Replies
    1. Especially if his name is Hannibal Smith.

  3. Good luck moving forward!