Monday, April 14, 2014

I don't have a Cantina...BUT NOW I DO!

I am not talking about Monster Cafe Saltillo silly!  I am talking about what is below!

Found the below here in Mexico!  60 pesos!
The seller probably  had no idea what it was.  But us seventies kids know what it is.  I am SO happy that BuzzChuck sent me those two Star Wars Cantina figures.  It reignited in me the flame to get my Star Wars toys back.  They were tragically lost when the neighborhood kids stole them back in 1981.  But I will have them again!

But it looks kind of bland doesn't it?  Yeah all it was was the shell....But with a little magic from my artist and.....
WHAMMO!  Fully restored in all it's glory!
The entrance didn't come out in the same color as the base.  I will probably repaint it.  All I have of the original vintage collection is what you see here and Bib Fortuna.  That is it.  I am so behind!
But what's this?  Yup.  I did the ole switcharoo!  I took the playset made in all cardboard and put THAT image on the back.  So now my Cantina is two playsets in one!
 I can have all kinds of adventures outside too!

My artist EVEN did the brown doors out of plastic!!!!  Is there anything Raymundo cannot do?  Pretty cool huh?  The frame is made out of wood and glued onto the set.  I wasn't about to pay $20 like some Ebay shucksters out there on Ebay charge.

HAHA!  The doors even open too!  Awesome huh?  And it is NOT cardboard but plastiboard.  VERY durable!  So it will be with me for many years and not tear like that cheap cardboard crap it came with originally.
Yup...All kinds of odd creatures can come get a drink at Monster Cafe Saltillo!  Oops, I mean Creature Cantina!  Yeah a little self promotion never hurts...

Now I just gotta get the rest of the crew....Han Solo, Chewbacca, the droids, Obi Wan and Luke...

I also LOVE to restore toys!  With my wrestling clothes or this or whatever.  I am on the hunt for nakedness!

Dang it Buzzchuck!  You started this!  You have made me into a monster!  I want my original Star Wars toys back!!!


  1. Awesome looking piece good Sir Hobgoblin.....

  2. I Should have some of these Star Wars toys.. and we will send them....
    My address is Stacey E. Lemmon @ 204 Franklin st. Marshville , NC (USA) 28103

  3. Replies
    1. Ain't it though? I love restoring old stuff!

  4. Looks great. I need to make a cardboard backdrop like that. I have just the base like you started with.

    1. I did mine with plastiboard. Not cheap cardboard like the original. I love that I put the other playset on the back of it.

  5. Greedo's gonna feel real at home there ;)