Friday, April 4, 2014

Controversial Thursday-Well it sucks the Dork Horde is gone...

Damn it to hell.  When I first started blogging back in 2012 in my first blogpost I had stated that I wanted to make amends with a fellow blogger.  It never came to pass.

Reis was the first blogger I ever found in the blogging world.  I think he is the same age as me as almost everything he had, I had as a kid.  I knew nothing of blogging in 2011 when I found his site.  I just knew I wanted to participate.  I was a total newbie.

But if any of you have read my controversial Thursday posts over the years I can be an ass sometimes.  If I am perceived as being wronged, I have to "get" the other person.  Yeah, it is a character flaw. After 3 years I have grown up a little but...So I do want to clear the air and make amends!

So here is what happened....

I used to comment on Reis' blog Geek Orthodox.  Loved that blog too.  But since I had NO idea about what the blogging world was all about as I didn't have a blog etc. I would sign it Monster Cafe Saltillo to let people know someone in Mexico was reading and if anyone was curious they might look me up.  Well I did a few times and would go back to see if he responded to me after a comment only to discover it had been erased.  Well I wondered was I doing it right.  Commenting that is.  So I would try again.  I wasn't trying to be a pest at all at first.  Well Reis had enough of me signing with Monster Cafe Saltillo and he told me..."Asshole, quit spamming my blog"

I went into Controversial Thursday mode then.  I wish I would have just tried to be calm and explain that I didn't mean to spam.  After all I WOULD comment on the subject at hand then sign it with my cafe name.  But like I said, I didn't use sugar in my words in a rebuttal.  John over at Random Geek blog did a profile on Reis...I couldn't help myself.  I said that Reis insults his readers.  Well that went over like a fart in the wind.  Reis then found info on a post I had written in frustration on a monster forum about wanting to sell the cafe due to no customers that day....He posted it that I was a failed businessman etc.  It wasn't pretty.

So the war was on.

Remember when Reis did video blogs?  I always enjoyed them but after the info that was used against me about the cafe I spammed it too.  Said I gave the finger to him in all of his videos.  He quit doing video blogs.  I sure hope it wasn't me being a punk was the reason.  It was only one video that I commented on anyways.
So then he did Lair of the Dork Horde.  I commented to say let's let our bygones be bygones etc.  Let's start off with a whole new leaf etc.  He wasn't having it.    I just commented politely on most of his posts after that.  Saying awesome scores etc.  Then Tony gave me the idea to do this blog after commenting at other blogger's blogs.  So I started this one in August of 2012.

So from August 2012 to now I commented all the time on his blog...Mostly....Always secretly hoping he would also say let's clear the air and we both apologize.  I wanted to be a member of the horde.

But now it's all gone.

So for what it is worth I am sorry Reis.  I was an ass...and I wish you would continue blogging someday in the future.  Your collection is what I aspire to.  I am sure we could have been friends had we met in person.

It is so fricking cool that you work at Funko.  Man, what a job!


  1. His blogging adventures really will be missed for sure.

  2. Things happen Hobby.Hang in there and keep building that collection of yours.

  3. sometimes in life you will run across people that you just rub the wrong way no matter what you do or say , I think its where the arch enemy / every super hero has a villein idea comes from. You can be settled with the matter knowing that you extended the olive branch or you can think of yourself as magneto to professor X ..being that they are both mutants trying to survive in the same world but with different ways of doing things and different fans. I think it speaks highly about your character that you are able to admit you mistakes and apologize in a very open and straight forward way. I enjoy reading your blog on the occasions im tooling around the internet so keep up the good work.

    1. Is this the same old Brothermidnight from the Green water pistol blog? How you doing man? I hope you are back and that time heals alot of the wounds we receive. I miss you dude! Thanks for visiting again!