Friday, March 28, 2014

THE HAUL OF HAULS...saltillo speaking

I have not been to the flea market in over a year.  We have JUST been that busy.  Today we took the day off and went.  Went around the entire place and nothing.  NOTHING!  Then the toy gods smiled on me like they do sometimes.

This haul was the biggest I have ever seen in Saltillo.  It will be broken up over a few days as I still do not have a camera.
Can you believe it?  I got a basic MATTEL Edge and Big Show!  I smell a custom black coat for Edge in the future!  Also this big guy!  Doing research it seems to be a GI Joe from 1996...

Well no longer.  He will be getting a makeover!  Since the Marvel Universe Giant Man, Goliath, Black Goliath figures are fricking $100 on Ebay....This guy will be turned into a GIANT in the Marvel Universe!  I ain't saying who just yet....But IMM in my mind...It will be epic!


  1. Cool! any toy find is epic and in your next of the woods this is a blessing for sure Hobby.

  2. I have the wrestler in the center in my collection of toys at school that the kids use to make stop motion animations. He's one of a couple of wrestlers the Custodians found while cleaning out lockers in the Elementary School part of the school I work at.

    1. I hardly have any Mattel as they got the license when I moved to Mexico so finding these was a major score for down here.