Monday, March 17, 2014

League Assignment- Why did I buy that?

An assignment for the league of Extraordinary bloggers is here.  It is titled why did I buy that?  Well...I had to think hard about this one.  I never usually regret my purchases.  I usually love everything I buy.   What I most regret is the stuff I sold when my father died.

But alas the topic is called Why did I buy that?  I finally found some.  Being in Mexico we get bupkiss down here for anything cool.  I did however manage to build up a wonderful DVD collection here.  Since I do not get TV in English, I rely on these for my viewing entertainment.  There are always good buys but some I wish I had not done.
Why did I buy Full House season one on DVD?  I never watched it in my teen years.  I cannot stand all the actors involved.  BUT I did.  I watched every episode.  I do not get what all the fuss is.  Oh well.  $5 wasted and a space on my shelf.  I even put it in the cafe to sell.  No one wants it.
The Simpsons.  They had a special down here.  Each season was $12...Why did I buy these?  I was 17 when they first debuted.  I never watched them in high school.  I was busy getting laid etc.  I bought seasons 1-6.  I watched a few.  NO episode ever made me laugh.  I like the Halloween episode...But I wish I hadn't done it.  Those 6 are in the cafe too.  I hope someone buys them.
Wifey wanted this show.  It was half off at Blockbuster.  So for $70 I figured why not.  We watched them all.  I think it must be just me but it seemed like it was one LONG episode of Goodfellas that kept going and going etc.  Ughh....I hated the characters.  All were loathsome.  I only laughed a few times and generally felt bad everytime we had to see them.  God is was long.  I am a sitcom guy.  30 minutes and it needs to be wrapped up.  But each one was 46 minutes of agony.

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  1. Full House and The Simpsons I agree with. Sopranos, not so much. I grew up in NYC so I thought it was cool.

    1. It just seemed so long. They could have still told the story with half hour episodes.

  2. Media purchases always seem like a good idea at the time and later a complete waste.

  3. I agree Cody. I almost have to force myself to sit down and watch TV episodes on DVD. It really seems like most shows are better seen in small doses, with commercial breaks.