Monday, March 10, 2014

League Assignment- My latest obsession

My obsessions change all the time.  A few weeks ago I was stuck on Batman Animated series figures.  Until I saw the RIDICULOUS prices on Ebay.  My obsession dropped cold.  So...lately it has been about making stuff in Mexico.  I went through a wrestling playset phase.

This was my attempt at the WWE's Boiler room with 2 levels.  I did wrestling playsets for about a year interspersed with wrestling robes for figures ala...

Chris Jericho was supposed to have been my latest one but my sewing gal got fired...Oh well....Gotta find a new one so this project is on hold for awhile.
So like I said I was on superheroes again after getting sick of the wrestling stuff.  I was gonna commission a Hall of Justice and a Batcave but the figures of Super Powers and others are too high for me.  

So what is my latest obsession?
Figures from my childhood! Expanding my DVD collection! Books from childhood!  Stay tuned!
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