Thursday, March 6, 2014


I had won an auction on Ebay in 2009 which is how I got the bulk of my wrestling figures.  Since I had moved to Mexico in 2006 AND never watched Smackdown but only RAW in Atlanta...I really only knew he was a wrestler that didn't make it very far.  Here below is the Jakks figure I got of Pirate Paul Birchell.
That is him on the left with William Regal.  I thought it was bland until I saw Ralph's costume for him.  Ah I get it...He has a pirate gimmick.  I love gimmicks.  I am a gimmick fan!  So I put my gal to sew something piratey for him...
I love it!  I could have him "steal" the World title from the champion which would lead to a great feud.  Cannot wait to play with him.

And sadly that is the last of the custom outfits for awhile.  This was the last one she did.  I have put the word out on Facebook for another sewing gal and nothing has come back yet.  Bummer!