Thursday, March 13, 2014

Controversial Thursday-Cops kill unarmed man in Oklahoma for fun.

You should really read this.  The police are out of control in America.  If It were my wife they did it to I would hunt them all down and kill all of them.  Perhaps it is a good thing I do not live in the U.S. huh?
This is the guy above.  His crime?  Not giving I.D.  Is this Nazi Germany the U.S. lives in now?

They are on PAID leave too!  They should all be serving 20 years jail time.  When will you pussies in the U.S. speak out about this?  I speak out by means of this blog down here.  Those men should be hunted down and killed.  This mother deserves justice.  A nice time out at the movies ends in her husband's death while the cops sit back and get paid.  Did you notice they also lied to her right there?  Fucking pigs.
This is the man's wife holding the hand of her lawyer.  I hope the city is sued under the bus!

I wish I could but I would publish the names and addresses of them much like Rosanne did to the Zimmerman's but the difference is THESE guys are guilty.  George's parents had nothing to do with punkass Trayvon getting what was coming to him.

I used to really respect police officers.  Not anymore.
Who are they?  I want to publish their names.

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