Monday, March 31, 2014


I am a fan of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.  I have found a few here in Mexico.  I haven't had any since the fire destroyed my originals.  But what I found here is awesome.
From L to R and Top to Bottom.
A Burger King or Mcdonalds Jokermobile, Batmobile Arkham, the 1966 Batmobile and the A-Team Van.

James Bond Spy who loved me car, Dr. NO car, Goldfinger Car, and the Back to the future car

So jazzed to have these!

I hope to get the Ghostbusters car, Dukes of Hazzard, and Smokey and the Bandit one day.

Friday, March 28, 2014

THE HAUL OF HAULS...saltillo speaking

I have not been to the flea market in over a year.  We have JUST been that busy.  Today we took the day off and went.  Went around the entire place and nothing.  NOTHING!  Then the toy gods smiled on me like they do sometimes.

This haul was the biggest I have ever seen in Saltillo.  It will be broken up over a few days as I still do not have a camera.
Can you believe it?  I got a basic MATTEL Edge and Big Show!  I smell a custom black coat for Edge in the future!  Also this big guy!  Doing research it seems to be a GI Joe from 1996...

Well no longer.  He will be getting a makeover!  Since the Marvel Universe Giant Man, Goliath, Black Goliath figures are fricking $100 on Ebay....This guy will be turned into a GIANT in the Marvel Universe!  I ain't saying who just yet....But IMM in my mind...It will be epic!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My new sewing gal!

Holy crap.  I had it all wrong.  My old sewing gal did it all by hand....She would do one wrestling robe a week.....Unbeknowest to me that was an incredibly long time to wait.  We found a new sewing gal who said because of her sewing machine can do 40 a week!  WHOA!  I could become the new Ralph's wrestling clothing if I wanted to be.  BUT...I really want these for my private collection first and foremost.  I think 10 a week will be sufficient.  So I wanted Chris Jericho based of this shirt...

I just thought she would do the silver part....Boy was I wrong!

So I had her do a test run.  I needed a shirt for Chris Jericho.  She did it....IN ONE DAY!  OMG!  She really could chug out 40 a week.  She is going to start next Wednesday with my first 5.  At $4 per item is much better than Ralph selling them at $20 per item.  I could complete my private collection of these really fast.

Monday, March 17, 2014

League Assignment- Why did I buy that?

An assignment for the league of Extraordinary bloggers is here.  It is titled why did I buy that?  Well...I had to think hard about this one.  I never usually regret my purchases.  I usually love everything I buy.   What I most regret is the stuff I sold when my father died.

But alas the topic is called Why did I buy that?  I finally found some.  Being in Mexico we get bupkiss down here for anything cool.  I did however manage to build up a wonderful DVD collection here.  Since I do not get TV in English, I rely on these for my viewing entertainment.  There are always good buys but some I wish I had not done.
Why did I buy Full House season one on DVD?  I never watched it in my teen years.  I cannot stand all the actors involved.  BUT I did.  I watched every episode.  I do not get what all the fuss is.  Oh well.  $5 wasted and a space on my shelf.  I even put it in the cafe to sell.  No one wants it.
The Simpsons.  They had a special down here.  Each season was $12...Why did I buy these?  I was 17 when they first debuted.  I never watched them in high school.  I was busy getting laid etc.  I bought seasons 1-6.  I watched a few.  NO episode ever made me laugh.  I like the Halloween episode...But I wish I hadn't done it.  Those 6 are in the cafe too.  I hope someone buys them.
Wifey wanted this show.  It was half off at Blockbuster.  So for $70 I figured why not.  We watched them all.  I think it must be just me but it seemed like it was one LONG episode of Goodfellas that kept going and going etc.  Ughh....I hated the characters.  All were loathsome.  I only laughed a few times and generally felt bad everytime we had to see them.  God is was long.  I am a sitcom guy.  30 minutes and it needs to be wrapped up.  But each one was 46 minutes of agony.

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Those are the only two up right now.  I will add more later.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Oh yeah...We are back again to show off the latest buttons I have made down here.  And this is the last of Button Mania.

From Left to Right...Smokey and the Bandit, A happy halloween, Ozzy Osbourne from Diary of a Madman, and Bewitching!  A Scratch N Sniff sticker from back in the day that I had made into a button.  That one is cool.

Bottom-Alien, Mork, Collect all Mcdonaldland glasses, and a Ride from Six Flags Atlanta the monster plantation!

Love these buttons very much.  I still have to rely on the generousity of others to take pics right now.  Still do not have a camera.  So my blogging will be a bit sporadic.

I have gotten more things from my childhood I would love to show...But the camera problem raises it's ugly head again.

Monday, March 10, 2014

League Assignment- My latest obsession

My obsessions change all the time.  A few weeks ago I was stuck on Batman Animated series figures.  Until I saw the RIDICULOUS prices on Ebay.  My obsession dropped cold.  So...lately it has been about making stuff in Mexico.  I went through a wrestling playset phase.

This was my attempt at the WWE's Boiler room with 2 levels.  I did wrestling playsets for about a year interspersed with wrestling robes for figures ala...

Chris Jericho was supposed to have been my latest one but my sewing gal got fired...Oh well....Gotta find a new one so this project is on hold for awhile.
So like I said I was on superheroes again after getting sick of the wrestling stuff.  I was gonna commission a Hall of Justice and a Batcave but the figures of Super Powers and others are too high for me.  

So what is my latest obsession?
Figures from my childhood! Expanding my DVD collection! Books from childhood!  Stay tuned!
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Saturday, March 8, 2014


I have told on this blog a few times that the thing that got me into monsters was two things.  Seeing Frankenstein vs. Wolfman when I was 4 and The movie monsters book.  So I had to do these buttons I would see in the Captain Company ads in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.  I would stare at these images for a long time.  

If I could only find good pics of the Frankenstein and Wolfman buttons I would have done those too.  But alas, no good photos exist on Google.  Also had to redo the Creepy Magazine fan club button and my favorite Monster Cereal...Frankenberry!  

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I had won an auction on Ebay in 2009 which is how I got the bulk of my wrestling figures.  Since I had moved to Mexico in 2006 AND never watched Smackdown but only RAW in Atlanta...I really only knew he was a wrestler that didn't make it very far.  Here below is the Jakks figure I got of Pirate Paul Birchell.
That is him on the left with William Regal.  I thought it was bland until I saw Ralph's costume for him.  Ah I get it...He has a pirate gimmick.  I love gimmicks.  I am a gimmick fan!  So I put my gal to sew something piratey for him...
I love it!  I could have him "steal" the World title from the champion which would lead to a great feud.  Cannot wait to play with him.

And sadly that is the last of the custom outfits for awhile.  This was the last one she did.  I have put the word out on Facebook for another sewing gal and nothing has come back yet.  Bummer!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This is my next batch of buttons I have done.  So frickin awesome!
I had to do the Super Powers one as I had most of them as a kid.  Also the Dark Knight Returns one too.  In 1989 there were 3 button packs that came out to coincide with the movie.  I had all three till bastard thieves burned my frickin house down.  I now have this one again so suck it ladrones!

The other ones are self explanatory.  I used to watch the Shazam! TV series as a kid so that is why I had that one made.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Jakks made the Godfather in a VERY sucky way.  He never wore something like this crap in the WWF.
So I wanted to make a better one.  I took the head off and put it on a spare Batista body.  Like this...
Ah yes...Much better.  This is the Godfather I remember...Now I can use him in my figure fed.  Now if you do not remember the Godfather....He always brought his hos along with him.  Usually local strippers from whatever town the WWE was in on RAW.  His entrance was always a highlight.  Let's see...I was 26 back then and the perfect age for all that eye candy.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Told you guys I have been crazy with buttons from my youth....I call this one Marvel Mania!
Yup!  I had these made.  LOVE THEM!  I wear one everyday in the cafe now.  Including the Hulk one I showed you a few weeks ago.  Buttons are big business on Ebay.  So I copied all of them to have for my own and to not pay crazy prices for.

I even threw in Storm Shadow for you Joe guys.

Stay tuned!  More buttons to come.  I love making stuff I never would have had in the states!  Buttons were a huge thing to me as a kid.  I can really go back in time with this stuff.