Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spider-man Spider-man...

I am a child of the seventies.  I had ALL of the original pocket heroe megos in the day.
This is the Mego Spider-man.  I used him alot.  Loved spidey as a kid.  I love that he has a fist ready to punch.  But alas, it got lost in the great kids breaking into my house era....So why do I bring him up?
Well....My REAL mother sent me the one below 2 weeks ago.  It is the new Ultimate spiderman line.
 I wasn't upset with her because she is 80 and has no idea what I love.  I left it in the box to sell in the cafe.  The more I looked at it though....It is a Mego pocket heroe come to life!  5 points of articulation?  Check!  IT really brings me nostalgia for those times.  It is perfect.

I thought I could only be happy with the multi articulation that Marvel Universe brings but I was WRONG!  This is where it is at!  5 points baby!  To prove it to myself I took it and threw it off the roof.  It landed unharmed.  So sturdy.  Now what would happen had I thrown an MU off the roof?  It probably would have broke.

I am with the 5 points now.  Screw MU!  I want my 3.75 figures like the original Star Wars figures now.  I hope they do the entire Marvel Universe line with this style.  And especially DC!


  1. Glad to see another soul has been indoctrinated into the 5 POA club.

    I'd love to see Hasbro put out a full line of super heroes with the same articulation as the basic Star Wars figures.

    1. DC too! Make it like the seventies and eighties with a strong Super Powers vibe and I am sold!

  2. Might have to puck me up a 5 points Spidey on the cheap now.